• AvoinGLAM General Meeting 13 December 4:30 pm before OKFI meeting

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Date and time: 13 December 2023, at 16:30
Location: Online (https://meet.google.com/vih-whse-mjk)

Join the AvoinGLAM General Meeting! It is part of our new more formal governance, where AvoinGLAM will be coordinated by an elected Steering Group.

In the General Meeting

Run for the 2024 Steering group!

AvoinGLAM’s daily activities and programmatic decisions are carried out by the Steering group. 

You can run for the Steering Group even if you cannot join the event. Make sure to add your introduction.

Membership and community

  • Participating in the workings of AvoinGLAM is free for anyone and does not require formal membership. All meetings are open for anyone to participate under the Universal Code of Conduct.
  • Anyone can join AvoinGLAM’s global community by signing up in the AvoinGLAM page on Meta-wiki

Join OKFI Board as AvoinGLAM representative

OKFI Board needs to have a representative from the AvoinGLAM team to highlight issues relevant to our activities. If you feel excited about joining the Board, apply! If you know someone who would be a great match, let OKFI executive director (janne@okf.fi) know and he can get in touch with them.To apply, please add your photo, application and background to this document or send it directly to Janne (janne@okf.fi).