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AvoinGLAM’s new year 2022 is off to a bright beginning. In 2022, AvoinGLAM will receive funding from the Wikimedia Foundation. Susanna Ånäs, who previously worked as the GLAM coordinator for Wikimedia Finland, will become an employee of AvoinGLAM.

The work of OpenGLAM covers the issues of open access to cultural heritage and continues the GLAM work started in Wikimedia Finland. We operate as part of the international Open GLAM and GLAM-Wiki networks and other forums advocating for open access to cultural heritage and promote their goals in Finland.

While AvoinGLAM is not a registered entity, Open Knowledge Finland operates as AvoinGLAM’s so-called fiscal sponsor.

The GLAM community in Finland

AvoinGLAM meetings are arranged around once a month in the spring and in the autumn. They can be more informal meetings with a theme or bigger webinars in Finnish or in English for a more international audience. Subscribe to the calendar.

Case studies are a more focused way to engage with the community than open-ended meetings. To mobilize the Open GLAM network in Finland, we will start working directly with GLAM professionals and practitioners to draft lightweight activities that advance open access to cultural heritage. Contact us!

Public domain awareness in Finland. The new copyright legislation introduces the concept of the public domain into the Finnish legislation. AvoinGLAM organizes one of the webinars in collaboration with Finna to advocate the GLAM organizations about changes in their sharing practices.In addition, we will produce a handout about the public domain in Finnish, English, Swedish and the three Saami languages in Finland.

We will add the information on all Finnish memory organizations on Wikidata. We use published information as a basis, and we challenge every museum, archive and library, as well as other associations and groups, to complete their own information and to learn how Wikidata works.

Saami languages and culture

We wish to support initiatives that promote the visibility of the Northern, Inari and Skolt Sámi languages spoken in Finland and their culture on the Internet. We are interested in how Wikimedia projects Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia can contribute to language revitalization. At the same time, we want to learn about how indigenous peoples want and can protect their culture from exploitation and participate in establishing best practices in different parts of the internet.

Saami place names project adds all National Land Survey places with Saami place names to Wikidata. In collaboration with Wikimedia Norway we also produce lexemes for them.

International projects

The GLAM School project identifies learning materials related to Open Access to cultural heritage, various learning methods and model projects that the world is full of. We interview numerous actors from different sectors, think together about how to organize them into consistent, multilingual resources, and encourage creative and playful learning in the spirit of Hack4OpenGLAM.Do you want to be interviewed? Contact us!

Hack4OpenGLAM has already been held twice at the Creative Commons Global Summit. Planning for this year’s hackathon has not yet begun. Our goal is to learn and experiment across sectors as effectively as possible. Encouraging students and researchers, GLAM professionals and history buffs, volunteers, open knowledge promoters and technology developers to join! Tell us about your ideas!

In the Global Cine Club people from all over the world take turns to host a film screening and related extra program. Stay tuned, the first is tentatively agreed for February!


We encourage to join the international discussion forums, for example:

We will expand the list, give your link tips!

Universal Code of Conduct

AvoinGLAM adheres to the Wikimedia Universal Code of Conduct in all its activities.

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