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AvoinGLAM arranged a discussion event on April 19 at 1 pm – 2.30 pm UTC. We discussed the relationship between Open Access to cultural heritage, monetization in museums and NFT technology. The discussion was moderated by Andrea Wallace and Douglas McCarthy.

The topic of the April OpenGLAM discussion was monetization in museums, ie the earnings that can be made from the museums’ data assets. Several museums have begun experimenting with blockchain technologies known from cryptocurrencies. NFT refers to unique digital objects associated with these technologies, and Web3 is a thought of internet based on blockchain technologies.

There are differing views on the impact of these technologies. Others say it is the inevitable virtual future and an earning opportunity for memory organizations struggling in financial difficulties, others recognize the possibility of Ponzi schemes or money laundering, and question the blockchain technology because of its environmental impact.

Andrea Wallace and Douglas McCarthy moderated the discussion on 19 April from 16:00 to 17:30 EEST.

Recording and notes

The recording can be found in AvoinGLAM’s YouTube channel ja notes in the memo. Follow updates in the Facebook event.

Discussion on social media


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